Which TMT Bar is good for Construction?

It goes without saying that construction is an important aspect of our lives.

Be it an individual, building a house for his family, or a business owner building a residential or commercial project, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of construction materials like cement, sand, steel, etc.

TMT bar is one such important construction material that requires extra attention. But the question is, which is the Best TMT Company in India? But before you dig deep and search for the Top quality TMT Bars in India, let us first learn which TMT bar is right for your construction requirement?

Generally, all TMT bars are deemed to be fit for construction purposes, however, the reality differs. Steel grades differ based on the type of structure.

Let’s make it clear for you.

Fe 415 is the apt material for houses, while Fe 500 is considered right as rain for commercial structures. Furthermore, Fe 500 is apt for bridges and other monumental structures and Fe 600 for all industrial projects.

Note: At Shyam Steel Industry, the TMT Bar Manufacturers in India, all the four grades of steel rods are available at reasonable rates.

Are you curious to learn more about the different grades of top TMT bars in India?

In today’s blog, we will talk about these different types of TMT bars, along with their tensile strength, yield, elongation, etc. At the end of this blog, you will learn what kind of TMT bar will be apt for your construction project.

Selecting the right Grade of the TMT bar

TMT bars are steel bars that have undergone a process of rapid cooling in their molten state. This adds the bending quality to a TMT bar with a hard and solid surface.

In order to cool the TMT bars, water is splashed at regular intervals. When these intervals vary, they add the grade to the steel bar. These grades of steel bars are defined by several features like yield strength, rigidity, ductility, etc.

Here is a comprehensive list of the composition and uses of different grades of TMT bars available in the market:

  • Fe 415

This grade of steel rods is offered by the best quality TMT bars manufacturers in India. Usually, these bars work for small construction projects like building a residential home. In addition to its credentials, these bars are used for construction projects in earthquake-prone areas too.

The tensile strength of Fe 415 is 485N/mm², while the yield strength is 415 N/mm².

Here is a brief run-down of the chemical composition of this steel rod:

  • Sulphur- 0.06 %
    • S+P – 0.110 %
    • Carbon- 0.30 %
    • Phosphorous- 0.06 %
  • Fe 500

It is the most popular TMT grade that is regarded as the industry benchmark for different construction projects. The Best TMT Company in India, Shyam Steel Industry, manufactures this grade of steel rod for a plethora of construction projects. It is ideal for commercial, residential, and high-rise structures, and is the matchless construction material for sudden loads in high-seismic regions.

Shyam Steel Industry, a top TMT bar company in Kolkata manufactures Fe 500 with a tensile strength of 545 N/mm², while the yield is 500 N/mm². The elongation is 12%.

Here is a brief run-down of the chemical composition of this steel rod:

  • Sulphur- 0.055 %
    • S+P – 0.105 %
    • Carbon- 0.30 %
    • Phosphorous- 0.055 %
  • Fe 550

This high-grade steel rod has immense tensile strength. As a result, it becomes the most obvious choice for big projects. It has a high-load bearing ability. This is why, for oversized infrastructure projects, Fe 550 is best suited.

The tensile strength of Fe 550 is 585 N/mm², while the yield is 550 N/mm². The elongation is 10%.

Here is a brief run-down of the chemical composition of this steel rod:

  • Sulphur- 0.055 %
    • S+P – 0.100 %
    • Carbon- 0.30 %
    • Phosphorous- 0.050 %
  • Fe 600

This grade of TMT bar is considered to be the most robust one. This is why it is ideal for heavy construction projects like towers, bridges, metro, industrial, and commercial structures.

All the Best TMT Companies in India manufacture this product with a tensile strength of 660 N/mm², while the yield is 600 N/mm². The elongation is 10%.

Here is a brief run-down of the chemical composition of this steel rod:

  • Sulphur- 0.04 %
    • S+P – 0.075 %
    • Carbon- 0.30 %
    • Phosphorous- 0.04 %

Ending thoughts 

The ideal grade of TMT bars must be used as per the requirement and specification of a project. When you use the right grade of TMT bar for a construction project, longevity and durability are guaranteed. This is why, at Shyam Steel Industry, we offer top-quality TMT bars in India.

Shyam Steel Industry holds the rank #1 position in the list of top 10 TMT bar companies in India. This is because it protects your construction project from corrosion, extra heat, earthquake, etc.

Furthermore, the TMT bars of the Shyam Steel industry guarantee bendability, flexibility, improved chemical composition, and strength, adhering to the global quality standards.

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